‘Primal Carnage’ is Everything I Want in a Game… Possibly More

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After watching the trailer for this game, I realized something.

My life is empty.

However, Primal Carnage comes in to fill any and all voids of emptiness within said life of mine. It will manage to do this by pitting humans and dinosaurs against each other. However, this ain’t some pansy-ass Jurassic Park bullshit we’re talkin’ ’bout here.

If you will permit, I would like to share a brief summary of the game, from the game’s website:

Combining the fast paced action of an all out multi-player FPS, and the need to accomplish specific objectives by each team member to complete a section of each level, Primal CarnageĀ® will raise the bar for co-op gameplay.

With immersive, high fidelity sound, stunning visual and enviroments, late night pizza will be the call from your team members as you attack the next level. Can you be the top ranking Merc or Jurassic crew in the world?

According to the website, it looks as though there will be two different games modes readily available for play. One is Power Grid: “Power Grid requires the Mercenary team to activate power nodes across the map until they have powered the radio station on the island. The Dinosaurs’ objective is to stop the mercenaries from accomplishing this at all costs.” The other is Survival: “Players team up to test their skills in an epic battle against AI dinosaurs while defending a moving object (train, boat) and completing objectives together to reach the end, where they will encounter a boss battle and be required to use teamwork to succeed.” There is a footnote near the bottom of the page that reads “More game modes, maps, information coming soon and is subject to change during development.”

This is a very small company, with a small staff as of now. I’m sure it will be a little while before this game is fully released, but from what I’m seeing so far, I’m feeling that the wait will be worth it. Beta signups are labeled as COMING SOON and “taking place shortly.” I will be frequently checking in on that, to hopefully become part of the beta.

I’ll be supporting Lukewarm Media as much as possible throughout the development of the game, and I’m hoping that many others will do the same. This looks like some quality work with a fresh, interesting concept for gameplay.

Plus, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Look out below for some footage of the game.

Primal Carnage – T-Rex Development Footage

T-Rex Attacks

Raptor Attacks

Primal Carnage – Unreal Development Kit (T-Rex vs. Spino)

Concept Art Slideshow

Some more videos and art, as well as forums and any other information you are hungry to ingest can be found at the game’s website (http://www.primalcarnage.com/website/), as well as the design and production team’s site (http://www.lukewarmmedia.com/website/).

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February 7th, 2011 at 2:20 am

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  1. Looks ‘awesobad’. But it could just be regular awesome, depending on how things go.

    The graphics aren’t great, but honestly they have some killer animations on those dinosaurs. Especially for a small team. Just need some better looking environments for it all to take place in.

    So far as the gameplay, looks like a regular shooter so far. Will have to see more to judge. Their intended target sounds like L4D meets Jurassic Park, which is a sweet, but lofty goal.


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    7 Feb 11 at 5:15 pm

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